Onboard new starters, with no hassle

Organisations with a well-designed onboarding process can improve new hire retention by 82%, and productivity by over 70%*.

Who's Onbordo for:

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Remote teams

It doesn’t matter if you don’t work in the same office, Onbordo will make sure everyone is on the same page. Your new starter will know what onboarding tasks they need to do and when.

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HR Teams

The best experience doesn't stop when new starters sign the contract. Add them to Onbordo and let it take them through the necessary steps to settle in.

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Even if your company isn’t using Onbordo it doesn’t mean you can’t. You can use Onbordo without depending on other teams, simply set up your account for your area of the business.

A place where important files don’t disappear

New starters won’t need to trawl through old email attachments to find one they actually need. With Onbordo, everything is in the right place.

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Keep everything under control.

Analyse what’s working and what isn’t for your onboarding process. Find out if it’s just new hire Dave that’s having trouble ticking off tasks, or if multiple employees are missing key onboarding steps. You can then make the changes that need to happen.

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Informed from day one

Select an employee’s start date, and Onbordo will deliver a timely welcome message a few days before. New starters can feel ready to go with all the useful information they need for their start day.

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We do less than our competitors

Some HR tools can provide multiple services, but to the detriment of their UX.

Onbordo is focused on one thing only, and doing it well. We don’t have bloated systems, and won’t give you a Swiss army knife experience that you can’t find your way around.

Onbordo makes employee onboarding hassle free, for teams and their new starters.

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* based on Glassdoor research.